The Center’s speech-language pathologists (SLPs) provide therapy to children and adults with speech and language disorders.

Every client receives individualized therapy based on their specific needs.

How We Help

Disorders affecting speech or understanding and expressing language are divided into two categories: speech disorders and language disorders.

Communication skills affect children and adults – at any age – and impact success at school, quality of life, social interactions and career opportunities.

​Speech and language disorders are treatable. Personalized therapy helps our clients communicate better at home, work, school and in social settings.

Speech Disorders

Affect the physical parts of speaking; including articulation, stuttering and the use of voice. 

Language Disorders

Impact how a person understands and can effectively express their thoughts through language.

Getting Started

A comprehensive evaluation is the first step to create a therapy plan and address a communication disorder.

​If you are concerned about your child, a loved one or your own ability to communicate, you should schedule an evaluation.

​Evaluations last one to two hours. A SLP uses standardized tests and informal observations to measure a person’s communication skills.
​Based on the evaluation, the SLP will give feedback and create a therapy plan with goals and objectives to track progress.

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